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RRSA Complex Rules

No smoking

  •  Including but not limited to cigarettes, pipes, vapor inhalers, cigars or electronic cigarettes

No alcoholic beverages

  • Includes the possession or consumption at the RRSA complex or parking lot.

No guns or weapons
No pets
No bicycles or skateboards
No climbing on the picnic tables, trees or fences
No glass bottles

Parking is prohibited in the following areas:

  • Along the fence line of the parking lot
  • On the grass beside the dumpster
  • In front of or beside the dumpster
  • On the grass on school property
  • In fire lanes or next to fire hydrants
  • In reserved board member parking
Follow arrows when entering and leaving the parking lot

Place all trash in the trash cans not on the ground

RRSA Sideline Rules

Parents from both teams will be on the same sideline opposite their respective players.

Players, coaches and staff will be on the same sideline within the designated player boxes.

RRSA will not tolerate any verbal abuse towards the referees at any time.

You are expected to treat all officials, coaches, players and each other with respect.

If any verbal abuse takes place, the offender will be warned once, after the second offense he/she will be asked to leave the complex.

RRSA Lightning Policy



During practice, you as the coach/asst coach/team manager should be aware of the weather and make the call if you see lightning

RRSA Officials will make the calls on game days

  • If you can see lightning then you should leave the field, and any open space including the parking lot and take cover inside a vehicle or building
  • A good safety motto is:  if you can see it (lightning) flee it, if you can hear it (thunder) then clear it
  • UNSAFE lightning shelter areas are:
    • All outdoor metal objects like fences and gates, light poles, metal bleachers, golf carts etc
    • AVOID trees, water, open fields and high ground
  • Know the Flash to Bang Method:

When you see lightning, count the seconds that pass until you hear the bang of thunder.  Divide the number of seconds by five for the distance in miles between you and the lightning.  For example, see the flash, count 20 seconds until the bang, divide by five, and you know that the lightning is four miles away and you are in the danger zone.

RRSA will clear the fields if lightning is within 10-12 miles of the fields

  • People who have been struck by lightning do not carry an electrical charge and are safe to handle.  Apply first aid immediately if you are qualified to do so and call 9-1-1
  • A coach should NEVER ask players to pick up equipment or move goals before evacuating the fields due to lightning
  • Some good and easy apps for your smart phones to help with determining how close lightning is are:

Spark Lightning Alert (free for all smart phones)

Lightning Cast (for IPhones $3.99)

Field Status Update Process

The field status indicator (including date) is updated only when needed.

On weekdays, the field status is updated by 4:00 PM.  On days when weather is uncertain -- for example, thunderstorms are predicted or it starts to rain at 4:45 PM and you have a 5:30 PM practice, please contact your coach, trainer or manager to determine if practice will be held.

On game days, the field status is updated 60 minutes prior to the first game.